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Video Discussion Learning Points

  • Patient advocacy in healthcare
  • Chronically ill, lower income, people of color: Owning the power of your voice in healthcare encounters
  • Patient perspective on critical changes needed in healthcare to improve patient experience
  • COVID19: Teachable moments in addressing health health disparities
  • Advice to the chronically ill on managing stressors of COVID-19

Stories of the Heart

In honor of the 12th Annual Go Red for Women Luncheon hosted in the Lehigh Valley, the American Heart Association is celebrating 12 stories of the heart. Read about the journeys of 12 women whose lives have been affected by heart disease—and why it’s especially important to join them in the fight against the number one cause of death in women.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Teresa Wright-Johnson is a giant of advocacy. We stand on her shoulders; she stands on ours. “You matter” coming from Teresa is powerful and uplifting.

2019 Hero of Hope

Hero of Hope Awards recognizes exceptional people who demonstrate an outstanding commitment to assisting and advocating for people living with chronic pain diseases.

Don’t Settle For Less

You Have Your Illness, Your Illness Doesn’t Have to Have You

Through her tireless efforts on behalf of fellow heart and multiple sclerosis patients, Teresa has shown by example that you can life your life bravely while battling chronic illnesses. She has inspired others with a message built on the idea that no matter how you live with your illness, it is only a passenger along for the ride of life, not the ride itself.

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Teresa Wright-Johnson

Teresa I. Wright-Johnson is a married Multiple Sclerosis Warrior and Congenital Heart Disease Survivor. She was born with a heart murmur and an Aortic Valve Defect. Teresa has endured multiple open heart surgeries and cardiac procedures. She was diagnosed with MS in November of 2014 and is under the care of an esteemed MS Specialist. Teresa knows there is a calling on her life and she fully embraces that. Teresa uses her illnesses as opportunities to further rely on her faith, walk in her truth, raise awareness and educate others. She believes that she is purposely on purpose. Teresa offers a solid background in Criminal Justice and Social Services. A graduate of Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ and a retired Sr. Parole Officer for the State of New Jersey.

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Education & Professional Experience

-Rutgers University graduate (Go Scarlet Knights!)

-Retired Senior Parole Officer for the New Jersey State Parole board with an extensive background in Criminal Justice and Social Services

-Contributor, MultipleSclerosis.net

-Columnist for Multiple Sclerosis News Today

-Contributor for HeartFailure.net

-Author for Modern Day MS

-Guest writer for Nia Magazine, Emerge Woman, and iPain Magazine

Organizations & Associations

– Board of Directors Member for Lehigh Valley American Heart Association

-2020 Advisor, Janssen HealtheVoices

– Board of Directors for US Heart Valve Voice

– Health and Wellness Chair for the NAACP

– Engagement Committee for iConquerMS

– Participant on Multiple Advisory Boards and Councils

Accolades and Awards

– Essex County of Board of Chosen Freeholders Commendation for Compassionate Community Service

– Easton Branch #2260 Image Award

– iPain 2019 Hero of Hope

– PA House of Representatives Recognition of Outstanding Health Awareness

– PA Legislative Black Caucus Acknowledgement

– Newark Bronze Shields, Inc. Inaugural Courage Award

– Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Omega Mu Zeta President’s Pick Award

– Lillian & Lillian Foundation Law Enforcement Award