June 1, 2017


Welcome to my blog spot!! I hope that you will enjoy journeying with me. Here, we will discuss matters of life, love, chronic illness, death, perseverance, God and faith. As you all know, I am a Heart Survivor and an MS Warrior. In illness I learned how to trust God, be still and hope for the best, even in the worse case scenario. I discovered my purpose and my passion. I realize that we all have mountains to climb. Instead of praying for an easy life, I have learned to pray for the strength to endure. I understand that adversity builds character. It compels me to confront my greatest fears and it teaches me to count my blessings everyday. No matter the pain or tears I shed, trust me I still give thanks for the opportunity to have a life. As I look back over my life and recall all that I have gone through, I avow that I am grateful. I am grateful for God’s gift of mercy. I am thankful for his favor and his unwavering love. I know that every step in my life has been ordered. Had I not gone through certain experiences I would not have become the person I am so proud to call me.

Although I continue to be a work in progress, I can say that I have arrived. Please know that I am speaking of something much more significant than a material or physical aspect. I am referring to my intense spiritual and mental journey of embracing and loving myself. The moment I realized that I am more than a conqueror, beautifully and wonderfully made, created just the way that God intended me to be, was the genesis of a huge transformation. I am God’s child, arriving to my earthly home by way of my awesome parents Frances and Dow.

His works are all over me. Every scar, flaw and imperfection makes me an original. I am not counterfeit material. The day I came to this revelation was the day that freedom rang.

Flawed, scarred and beautifully me

Purposely on purpose with a huge destiny

Thankful for the opportunity to love and embrace myself

Proclaiming all is well with my soul not needing the approval of anyone else

Please watch for my upcoming books…a personal memoir, first and second edition collections of poetry and children’s books. I am a heart that matters.