I remember as a young woman usually after a heartache, unrequited love, an unrealized dream or general disappointment my mother would console me by saying “it wasn’t meant for you.” I didn’t find much comfort in those words back then. Today, they become more and more profound. Maturity is a process. It comes over time through trials, triumphs, mistakes and most importantly, life lessons. I am very fortunate that both of my parents are wise. They have always given me sound advice. To my detriment, I did not always listen. If you are human, you can relate. I believe that some of my pain was self inflicted. Years ago, I never would have had the courage or the autonomy to speak this truth. I caused myself pain by not listening to my intuition, ignoring signs that were visibly present, dismissing my mental and emotional needs and believing that happiness was something to be found outside of who I am. If we are honest, most of us can admit that we’ve been in this place a time or two throughout our lives. We are human and we have been designed to connect with others. We are relationship centered which clearly explains why we have an innate desire to be a part of something or someone. The disconnect comes when when we relinquish our power and ignore our basic needs, dreams and desires. I remember times when I rationalized certain behaviors. There were moments when I literally talked myself into believing things that I knew were a complete fallacy. The times when my spirit revealed the truth, yet my heart and my ego chose to accept the lies. Situations where I said “it’s just bad timing and if only.” I often thought about what could have, would have and should have been. Periods when I thought I was living a life not meant for me instead of appreciating the one I am blessed to have. The fact of the matter is that we cannot change what we do not confess. We can’t expect to see a change in our behavior if we cannot adjust our thought process. I am no longer amenable this mentality that once held me captive. With maturity comes accountability. I realize that happiness is definitely an inside job and it is my responsibility to ensure my happiness. In the last few years, I have witnessed a huge transformation in my life. Some realizations were very painful, but with growth, there has to be some level of discomfort.

My mother’s words echoed at every turn. “Let go of the things not meant for you.” Today I am certain that some situations eluded me on purpose. I realize they were not meant for me. There were also some circumstances that occurred in my life to teach me valuable lessons which ultimately led to the discovery of who I am created to be. Obstacles will come. They are tutorials designed to make us a stronger, more enlightened version of ourselves. I realize that I spent so much time looking back, wondering and supposing, that I lost valuable moments. I was distracted from appreciating the joys of my life and looking forward to the wonderful things that were ahead. Nothing hurts more than time wasted on things and people undeserving of it. Time is an irretrievable, valuable asset. Letting go of what is not meant for you liberates your soul to attract what has been designed especially for you. That which is meant for you will never give you cause to query. It is my belief that in order for us to receive all that is meant to be ours, in any capacity, our spirits must be aligned to know who we truly are. Stop focusing on all those things depleting you. Stop wondering and settling. Stop exhausting your energy and selling yourself short. Stop playing with your own emotions.

Compose yourself and remember those things that evaded you are blessings in disguise. Sometimes the universe saves us from ourselves. Thanks mommy. My first teacher. I get it.