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Twenty-One and Counting

I remember my 21st birthday.  Excitement filled my being as I welcomed the induction into adulthood, or more specifically womanhood. I wanted to conquer the world. My parents and my childhood cardiologist had in depth discussions with me about life.  They advised me...

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Happy 18th

Eighteen.  Adolescents eagerly await this year for the proclamation of adulthood. Eighteen is the day that I had my first open heart surgery.  At the tender age of 13, I wondering if I would in fact live to see my 18th birthday. My childhood cardiologist, whom is now...

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Just A Little Heart

My 2019 HealtheVoices name tag had the following message attached: “You must do the thing you think you cannot.” I read it and immediately my spirit stirred. The words exposed me. They called me out. I walked into the hotel anxious, ailing, disheveled, exhausted and...

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Inspired and On Fire

Hello all!! It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from me on my personal blog. I promise you will hear more from Reesie. I have been in an uncomfortable space for a few months. I am sure many of you can relate. The place where you know that something in your spirit is...

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Friends. We can think of many songs that were written about friends. “You’ve Got A Friend”, “That’s What Friends Are For”, “Anytime You Need A Friend”, “Friends” and “What About Your Friends?” I can name others but you understand my point. I listened to these song for...

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The Day Freedom Rang

June 1, 2017 THE DAY FREEDOM RANG Welcome to my blog spot!! I hope that you will enjoy journeying with me. Here, we will discuss matters of life, love, chronic illness, death, perseverance, God and faith. As you all know, I am a Heart Survivor and an MS Warrior. In...

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